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⭐️ GOLD Comedy is an all-inclusive comedy world centering young women and non-binary folks. It's where you:

  • Get the skills to create today’s most relevant forms of comedy
  • Hone and express your true point of view

  • Learn to think faster and write sharper

  • Collaborate, mentor, hang out, nerd out, and bond over comedy in a safe, supportive, ad-free space

  • Explore career paths in the comedy world

  • Smash perfectionism and crank up confidence


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✔️ Unlimited access to online classes (standup, storytelling, satire, and more)


✔️ Learning about all types of comedy: standup, storytelling, satire, topical, sketch, improv, and more

✔️ Feedback on your work from comedy pros and community peers

✔️ Regular performance opportunities including monthly showcases and the nicest open mic in the world (weekly)!

✔️ 24/7 access to an active, inspiring, supportive community of comedy peers, mentors, and nerds

✔️ Daily questions, polls, writing prompts, and chit-chat

✔️ Comedy news, memes, and content, including the funny stuff YOU create and share


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Also coming in fall/winter: How to Build Your Comedy Brand, How to Write Funny Ad Copy, Writing Political Comedy/Comedy for Change, Getting Started with Voiceover Work, Still Standing (advanced standup)

🗓 Starts October 5: How to Write Funny Songs

Tune up your funny by setting it to music!

Do you love Garfunkel and Oates? Marcia Belsky’s “99 Tampons”? Everything ever on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? You, too, can put funny to music — no musical experience required. (Though if you know an instrument, that will help.)

Taught by Megan Phillips (Second City, The Anxiety Show) along with your future comedy besties.

Our LIVE* (*Zoom), interactive, 4-week Funny Songs course is your ticket to the basic tools and skills you need to write and perform a comedy song. Whether you’re an experienced songwriter and want to learn how to meld your musical knowledge with comedy, or you just have a funny hook bouncing around in your head, we can get you writing musical comedic GOLD!

In this course, you’ll learn how:

✔︎ Basic musical formats and forms 

✔︎ How to flesh out, elevate, and/or simplify your basic premise

✔︎ How to use RHYME SCHEME, SCANSION, and other MUSICAL DEVICES to serve your joke

✔︎ Lyric-writing secrets like a PRO!

You will leave with:

✔︎ Basic musical knowledge to compliment YOUR funny premise

✔︎ An understanding of how to make up for what you don’t know, musically. 

✔︎ A new crew of comedy supporters, collaborators, and pals committed to your success

✔︎ A clear song blueprint and road map for your future funny song!

*4 weeks: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5-6 pm ET. Last Thursday is a song-and-tell for the group!

Megan Phillips is an award-winning singer, actor, comedian, songwriter and vocal coach based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She has written and toured shows across North America (Periscope, Not Enough, Strapless Comedy). Perhaps her fanciest accomplishment is the musical song cycle People Suck, co-written with Peter Cavell, winner of Best of Toronto Fringe, Patron's Pick, and optioned by Second City Theatricals in Chicago, it has been produced twice by Salty Theatre at Theatre Works St Kilda in Melbourne, AUS. She does stand-up, improv, and sketch, most notably as the creator and show runner of The Anxiety Show, a comedy show where she can be seen calling feelings and supporting others to turn their personal demons into ha-has and lolz.

A Vancouver, Canada-raised human and wombat-lover, Megan uses her BA in Music and MA in Musical Theatre to teach musical theatre, singing, and drama. You can sing, she promises. Her creative wheelhouse is taking big feelings and making beautiful art and comedy out of them. Because otherwise, what's it all for?

💛 Just one of many hearts of GOLD

❝I'd been struggling to find the courage to try comedy for three years! And GOLD was just the welcoming space and the friendly push I needed! I feel really lucky to have found this community (especially during COVID). It seems weird to me that I’ve never actually “met” the other GOLD members because it they all feel like close friends now!❞ — Meghan H., Columbus, OH

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✨About GOLD

GOLD Comedy is the learning and social platform for young women/non-binary folks* who want to turn their sense of humor into their superpower. 

We believe that comedy is power. When you write a joke, you reassemble reality. When you tell a joke, you’ve got the stage, the mic, the punch. When you make people laugh, you make people listen. 

Comedy times are changing, but still: Women (and other non-straight cis white dudes) don’t have equal access to that power, for themselves or in society...because patriarchy! So GOLD puts women first, because comedy does not. And the more women do comedy, the more women define comedy. The more women define comedy, the more women are taken seriously. And! *trumpet sound* When we change the face of comedy, we change the face of power. 

Founded by Lynn Harris in 2016, GOLD started as live comedy classes and events for teen girls in New York City. It is now the one-stop online shop for young women/non-binary folks all over the world who want to be their funniest selves.

GOLD’s community, classes, content, celebrity Q&As, and performance opportunities build skills and highlight career paths for young women in today's most relevant forms of comedy—expanding and diversifying tomorrow’s talent pool.

*We are an inclusive community, welcoming especially women and women-identified or non-binary/non-gender-conforming humans. 

For more info and inspo, visit our library of how-tos, interviews, and other resources/laughs at!

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*We are an inclusive community, welcoming especially women and women-identified or non-binary/non-gender-conforming humans.

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